an addiction is coming back around.

it begins with the house that “craig” built.

we had been looking for the perfect couch
after i sold ours,
and just before all of my company showed up,
we found it. on craigslist.
for $150.

sure, it was covered in dog hair, sure it has a small tear somewhere,
but would you ever know it?

{cc: now they do, cause you just told them!}
oh, oh well.

after inheriting a table and chairs from the new lady downstairs,
we sold them and found one that is soon to be antiqued and oh so meg.
it was $30 with the 2 chairs.

we sold our hutch,
and found one that can actually house dishes and all the things i need it to.
it’s going to be painted soon too, so don’t get too attached.

and found this even cuter hutch where we snatched the table, $50.

i had been looking for something to use as a shoe cabinet.
this poor thing needed me, and i it.

i’m not sure if i can bear to paint the outside.
its so rustic and charming and exactly all the things i love.
but it means the rest of the room might need some tweaking to make it work…

and it means i finally have a way to see all my shoes at once so i can find them!

since the day we arrived here,
i started a list, and haven’t stopped.

if you need me, i will probably be somewhere covered in paint,
cause that’s just how i feel about it…

or adding to my list.

because that’s just what i need, more to do.