the reason we went to LA last weekend was for this cute family
and this cute little boy’s blessing
i brought em + baby jasper a little subway art for his room.
{since i didn’t think she could paint/want to vinyl right on the wall,
b/c she’s in an apt like me, i put it on a board}
i sent the design to none other than the amazingly talented
and it turned out perfect! 
it was so fun that now i am dreamin up all kinds of things i can vinyl…
its such a rarity to get this many of us in one place these days.
such a treat…
4 freezing kids, 1 slightly slutty looking mom who ate 3 plates of breakfast. {@santa monica beach}
moffats and daltons…
{& cliffords…}
and then i
spent the afternoon doing this:
 such a great weekend, can’t wait to do it again!