“little did he know… i could write books on ‘little did he know!'”
-stranger than fiction


boston nyle clifford
born february 28, 2011 @ 1:06pm
7lbs & 19.5in
the story:
all of the worries and discomfort and effort to get B to turn came down to Sunday night.
i knew he wasn’t going to,
so we started to get excited that we were going to meet our little man in less than 24 hours.
sunday night
we had friends over and watched the oscars, ate yummy dinner,
 and made a “birth” day cake to celebrate.
we were otherwise all packed and ready to go- it was a much-needed distraction.
monday february 28, 2011
we both got up early,
finished getting ready,
i even had time to blog some to pass the time…
it was a beautiful morning,
and we had a quiet drive up the coast to the hospital.
by the time we arrived,
we realized i had been having pretty regular contractions
maybe 8-10 minutes apart, but not very painful…
it was comforting to know that boston was ready to come either way…
the nurses that greeted me when we arrived were the same two from when we came for the version- and they lit up when they saw us.
 one pulled me into our room and told me
that they were planning on staying with us and the baby the entire time-
even in the recovery phase when normally babies go down to the maternity ward.
tender mercy #1.
the doctor came in and asked how i felt before anything started.
i told him about the contractions so far and he asked if he had moved yet…
“so we would have ended up here anyway” he reminded me…
after the spinal, i remember thinking how great it is that this is
“just another day at the office”
for these people.
they came in one at a time and talked briefly about their weekends…etc.
meanwhile, a huge, nude, pregnant woman
  is spread eagle on a table getting a catheter put in…
no big deal- just another day…
chris was led into the room and sat right by me- by then it felt like i couldn’t breathe because the medication goes all the way up to the chest- i felt dizzy off and on,
but otherwise just anxious for this to all be over.
the doc asked if cc had a camera- cause this was about to go down,
apparently they had already started and he was seconds away.
thank you dr. kromhout, for not giving me a play by play of the action.
tender mercy # 2.
i could feel the tugging on my insides as they maneuvered Little Man out of his man cave
and within seconds:
 boston sprang into life.
eyes wide open, and legs in the splits like he was cheering
his legs were on either side of me, head up, butt down.
he would never have come on his own,
and no one would have delivered him vaginally.
thanks, boston, for being smarter than us all.
tender mercy #3.
(his favorite position- legs wide open)
cc, all in his doctory get-up, cut the cord
{yes, they cut it before-hand, but they let him finish the job}
they brought him over right away and put him on my chest.
the emotion was just as i could have imagined it would be.
and then there were three…
we went straight to recovery,
where the nurses put boston on my chest and he nursed right away.
i still think its a miracle that my body had a clue what it should do..
especially when it took another 3 hours to feel anything in my legs…
i couldn’t stop calling him froggie,
 cause his little eyes were so puffy,
and his little kermit legs flopped out and in…
for a few days we kept catching him like this:
 apparently its what he’s used to…
{i like to think he was giving me a huge bear hug inside.
or maybe he just got stuck doing a cartwheel.}
the hospital puts this tracking device on babies…
 so you wont steal him…
somehow, we convinced them to let us keep him.


and that is just what we plan to do.
thanks again for all of the prayers and love and advice.
i am so grateful for the love of a Heavenly Father
to let us care for this little guy.