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We had an entire week off to stay home and play as a little family. What did we do?

Overhaul our bathroom entirely.

bathroom #DIY wood mirror with shims

Ok ok, I promise we did more than just projects this week. But I couldn’t pass up a week with my man home without busting out a few power tools. It was inevitable really…

So, after we drew up the plans for what we wanted our bathroom to look like, we decided on a few small projects we could start on this week, a few simple ones that would get our blood pumpin to do the next few projects that are a little bigger. I can’t wait to see how it all comes together and if the reveal is as awesome as it is in my head… we shall see.

These 3 projects are super easy if you have the right stuff, which i don’t think is all that difficult to come by, but first and foremost is this awesome glue. The ProBond Advanced is great stuff, and I had no fear gluing this mirror to a pile a wood when I used it. It’s what inspired me to make the next project because it worked so well!

materials for bathroom #DIY wood mirror using shims

I first grabbed this super cheap circle mirror that i’ve been holding onto since Boston’s first baby room. If you don’t have a circle mirror, you could grab an unframed circle mirror on Amazon. They are dirt cheap. Then you can glue a frame over the top when you’re done using the ProBond as well. Easy.

For the mirror, you’ll need:

a circle mirror and frame

at least 40 shims {depending on the size of your mirror}

Elmer’s Wood Glue Max

Elmer’s ProBond Advanced

dark stain {we used espresso}

small square of plywood

2 thumbtacks and a bit of wire.

First, you’ll want to stain your shims. They come nude, so dressing them up makes all the difference. They are super cheap too.

Then lay out a design. I created this design here and made them the same on 4 sides to line up, then created a design to go in between those.

bathroom #DIY #wood mirror Then I laid it out on the tile so I could be sure at least my north, east, south, and west were all lined up.

use tile to line up design for #wood #DIY mirror

Carefully glue the pieces to each other with lots of wood glue. I even broke corners off where necessary to ensure that the wood pieces glued flush in most places. Then cover with a board or the mirror and put something heavy on it to dry for a few hours. the longer the better. I let mine dry all day before I tried to move it, and it was pretty solid!

use wood glue to attach shims for a #DIY mirror After it’s all dry, use the  Wood Glue  to attach a small square of plywood to the back, just big enough to cover the mess the shims left {and to attach a hanger to.}

Wood glue is the best

Carefully flip the entire piece over and use the Elmer’s ProBond Advanced to attach the mirror to the wood {the ProBond is for mainly porous to non-porous material, so it was perfect for this!} Once the mirror is in place, put something heavy on it and let it dry for at least 24 hours to let both sides dry. This stuff works so great. The ProBond is mainly a multi-surface adhesive for bonding mixed materials, like wood to metal or ceramic to drywall, without any foam residue. So be sure you only use it for those kinds of projects and the Wood Glue for all wood to wood. You probably already knew that, but just in case…

use elmers #probondadvanced to attach porous to non-porous materal To make a hanger, I simple took a thin wire and made two small loops on either side and tacked them to the side of the plywood piece. And done! Looked awesome.

an easy way to add a hanger using wire and thumbtacks #DIYa great #DIY mirror using shims and circle mirror and #probondadvanced

The next little project was one I have been thinking about for a long time, but didn’t have a way to do it. These are some of the shells and coral we found when we went snorkeling in Mexico. And since I haven’t been to many places with my husband yet, they mean a lot to me, so I have been hanging onto a bag of smelly shells for about 2 years, just waiting for a reason to use them!

I love this simple little thing, and it was also something I couldn’t have done without that fancy glue.

After the mirror was hung I was so excited and immediately grabbed my coral and ProBond. And, Elmer’s sent me some clamp tape, which I had never used, but was perfect for holding these kind of awkward shapes.

use coral or shells from vacation to make an easy craft #DIY #pallet #wood #coral #beachWhat you need to make this coral/shell art

{that could be done a million different ways} is:

some small pieces of pallet wood

shells or coral or starfish

Elmer’s Wood Glue Max

Elmer’s ProBond Advanced

Elmer’s Clamp tape

a picture frame hanger

use probond and clamp tape when gluing shells to wood

We cut 4 squares of pallets {that we have for another project},

then cut a piece of plywood to match.

cutting pallet wood power tools cutting plywood  The pallets get glued to the plywood with the wood glue and left to dry for at least an hour with something heavy on top to help it set.

use #probondadvanced to attach shells and #coral to p#allets for an easay #DIY

Then glue the coral or shells down using the ProBond Advanced to ensure a tighter hold. Use the clamp tape to hold them in place and let them dry overnight.

clamp tape is the key to gluing awkward shapesAttach a picture frame to the back and done!

repurposed hanger. attached with push pin!

  The last little project we did was these cute mason jars.

I was going to just glue them, since I had the glue to use, but since I painted them first… it wasn’t good.

But you could totally do this with unpainted lids and some ProBond too!

We basically painted the lids, then attached these cute crystal drawer pulls with screws. {husband did have to cut the screws short so they’d work for this, but I think you can buy them short enough.}


They make me happy, every time I pee.

Hey, they do.

easy #DIY bathroom jars with crystal drawer pulls

easy #DIY bathroom jars with crystal drawer pulls

So this is how the room looks now, though it will change lots in the next week as we add lots more to this little space…

It’s fun to try a new style. This wood-y look is going to be so much fun when it’s done!

  nautical beachy bathroom rustic #DIY projectsGo check out Elmer s ProBond Advanced online for more info

and be sure to check out Elmer’s great pinterest board for Mixed Materials here!

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