see that happy face there?
and hear that huge sigh of relief…
it’s almost like we got away with the perfect crime…
the plan:
– book flights to cabo with a 2-hour layover in Phoenix
– get to phoenix, hand over child
– fly to cabo and be childless for 1 whole week
– {obvious step- have great parents willing to watch said child}
– spend all saturday night swooning and swaying to Jason
–  get home/done packing at 1am
– get up around 4:30, go pick up child and ride around 5ish.
– arrive to airport around 5:40 {6:30am flight} oops.
– hear the words, “this isn’t going to happen. Boston needs a passport to fly.”
– wait 30 minutes until nice black lady with a bow on her neck hands us a fake boarding pass and says, “run!”
– get stopped in security for liquids, wipes…etc. 
– run all the way down the wrong terminal with 5 minutes to spare.
– run all the way back to find nice lady who joins in the fun run.
– arrive at gate, where door is closed, but the plane waits, and nice lady lets us in. not even checking our boarding passes…
– get to phoenix, hand over child….
– phew. at last.
technically it was illegal to let him on the plane.
technically, it looks bad on paper to drop your kid in one place,
then fly out of the country.
we did it anyway.
and didn’t worry about it again for 6 whole days in paradise.
a place that could be called paradise if not for the sweaty heat.
warning: future posts may include an illegal amount of photos,
and a potentially lengthy travelog.
you are welcome to skip over the cabo adventures,
if you’re not into either of those things.