a fun way to celebrate our world traveled mama before she has TWIN girls!! {i’m tired just writing that…}

shower invitation travel adventure globe coral gold

this party, was another baby shower i got to do with one of my dearest friends sandee.

she really is the creative mastermind, i just help organize food and take pretty pictures and make whatever she tells me to.

i say she’s the elf, and i’m her lovely assistant.

it works well.

we knew we wanted to do something with travel for our girlfriend Miki because she really has been everywhere!

she and her husband quit their jobs, got married, and then traveled the world for 6 months AS their honeymoon.

we met them the minute they landed in reality and have been friends for the last few years.

we adore them to bits, so it was so fun to get to shower them and honor their fun adventurous family in which they are bringing these hard-earned twin girls,

since this will be the next big adventure for them…

adventure travel baby shower food

our friend jan, who does amazing things with cake, was able to recreate our invite design on a cake, including edible glitter which is pretty incredible.

i wish she’d spill the recipe too cause it was one of the best tasting i’ve had.

and another dear friend laree painted all of these mason jars, tagged them with gold glitter, and arranged the flowers inside them. also a genius.

Miki Shower 2

it took sandee and i a few girls’ craft nights to make and finish all the details we were set on… these dowels with tassels turned out so perfect in the home we were in, and the globes were spot on. she painted hers with the words and flowers on it after a similar globe at anthropologie that was way too cute. again, i left mine plain cause seriously, she’s the artist. i can trace over the outline of countries and all, but she’s the one who free-hands flowers like it’s nothing!!!  we sprayed them white, tracing the countries with black sharpie in between coats so we could see, and then painted the countries in coral. i love mine so much, i just might make 5 more to have all over my house!!

Miki Shower 5 Miki Shower 7Miki Shower 12

these bunting banners are the easiest things to make too… just some bias tape and fabric glue…

Miki Shower 10 Miki Shower 11

and since we had so many of these tiny ice cream cones from my brother’s reception, we just had to have tiny cones.

Miki Shower 20

  Miki Shower 4

we grabbed miki this vintage map and tagged it with all the places they have been and marked home with the two babies…

cause that’ll be a trip! 😉

adventure travel shower

and sandee whipped up this printable suitcase that we filled with pink jellybeans as a take-home gift.

when she posts it, i’ll link the printable here so you can grab it!

greatest adventure travel baby shower coral gold

thanks for letting us party with you miki!

you’ll make such a great mama and those girls are sure to have tons of personality and give you years of adventure!

Miki Shower 17

baby shower crew:

sandee, miki, me, and cindy