any day now cc should be coming home with news of a deadline.

he’ll say something like, “in a few weeks” or “in 2 months…”

and then, we’ll know.

the thought of moving and starting new is bliss.
but until we know, we wait.

it’s the topic of conversation at our house and the buzz in our family dialogue.
the answer is always a slightly dejected, we don’t know yet. grr.

because we have been so antsy to get things moving, we spent saturday in our quarterly purging and rid ourselves of much needed baggage.

we couldn’t wait for that.

lots of cleaning and craigslisting to boot.
{still waiting for real people to contact us instead of creeper scammers…
we’ve had 4 of those…}

what else couldn’t wait? well, we are the geeks that stayed up till almost 2 to ensure our new twins would arrive safely in the mail.  and in 5-ish days, our new little phones will make their way to our family, and that will be good too. then we can move on to another topic around here… 

and any day now, B’s 2 teeth threatening to break free of gum purgatory will finally shine and bring back my happy child who takes naps. {although those teething tablets ARE magic. thanks for that tip!}

and any diaper now, we might find the paper and metal that my child consumed as a result of his smart mom hanging this over his bed…  {waiting on at least 2 square inches of paper and at least 1 metal ring. oh geez.}

and any minute now, just maybe, my little yoga master will finally conquer the fashionable mode of transportation for his age and leave only traces of newborn in his wake.

i am equal parts excited and terrified.

until then…. we wait….