I am literally up tonight at almost 1am writing this post because I had to share why this movie was so charming.

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With little to no former knowledge of what we were even going to see, {I’ve been a bit busy}, my best friend and I took our little lover-friends to see Cinderella.

And, because we had to, we put them in their costumes and brought the show with us. It was a huge hit. They couldn’t have been cuter if they wanted to and we knew it. For your info, his darling costume is overpriced, but I got it here and it was worth it for sure- plus, bonus! Halloween is officially covered.

Here’s why this mom will be buying this movie the minute I can get my hands on it:

1- It wasn’t really about the love story at all! Sure, I was sucked in to the anticipation of how they would portray the story we already know, but it was about a girl and her drive to live her mothers legacy. Her mother told her to “have courage and be kind” no matter what. And though awful things happen to her, and it’s an obvious struggle- she does! What she says to her step mother as she leaves for the palace had me in tears. It wasn’t about revenge, though we loved that part of the story in Ever After, it came down to being kind, always.

{and it didn’t hurt that Ella was played by the glorious Lily James. She was perfect.}IMG_2440

Cinderella is good and kind, but in no way cheesy- it wasn’t campy or over the top- it was directed to feel more calm- so their bigger theme could be realized. #nailedit

2. Helena Bonham Carter. Is a genius. She usually plays the creepy and quirky, but I thought this was a fun cast. I do wish there was a bit more connection between the two of them, but man that Helena if she didn’t bring such a fun quirk that was fun to watch. She always has that, “oh my gosh, what is she going to do” vibe about her, and I love that.


3. The fact that my 4 year old- who is deathly afraid of the dark and therefore on the verge of tears every five minutes when the screen dimmed just slightly, knew what he was do to for his princess once we got out and she dramatically “left” her shoe on the stair [again and again and again]…

I about died. I could see him picking up on the prince-like qualities as we were watching it. He’d look up and ask me, “mama, do you fink he woves cinderella?… but she’s not a pwincess?”

yes, sweetheart, he loves her and he treats her like a princess even though she’s not. “oh, wike I wuv Sophie and she’s not really a pwincess…”

yes dear. please oh please never forget that…

cinderella date 6

Side story: A week ago for Boss’s birthday we took him out for a day with Sophie and he asked her if he could hold her hand… “So I can be safe”, he told her. I told him, “and so you can keep her safe”.

Later, he asked her if he could hold her hand and said, “so I can keep you safe, Sophie” and literally looked up and beamed at me liked he had figured out the riddle of life… My heart leaked mother butter.

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I want my kids to learn this, like all moms do. The classic love story and the rise from the ashes you-can-become-anything part of the story in this version is subdued after the obvious and beautiful message to have courage and be kind and good things will happen.

Be good people! Kindness wins- always. I can’t think of a better message to share, or a better time that it’s needed in the world.

Run, do not walk to this movie with your littles.
cinderella date 4   If anything, it was also a really fun excuse at a 4-yearolds only play date. 😉

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