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how to have balance me time #girlboss

There is one question that everyone asks bloggers and young entreprenuer #girlboss moms.

“How do you find balance in it all?”

I DO NOT have this part figured out. I will not even claim to, but the one thing that seems to trend, aside from just being more organized and scheduling work hours and play hours well is to also schedule in some quality “me time”.

This is hard, because I like being around people. Talking with adult humans after a long work day as a mom is almost more relaxing to me than being alone, but there is some serious value in the me time tactic, especially as a girl boss.

In the last few years, I’ve learned {and my husband has been great at reinforcing} my time to think alone. It looks a few different ways depending on the week; sometimes he’ll hand me cash and tell me not to come home unless my toes are painted, others its a trip to the beach and he lets me chill while he handles the crazies. Sometimes, I will just tell him I’m out and go to Target for a few minutes to wander alone. It’s amazing how invigorating and edifying that me time can be.

magazine inspiration

The drive to said location, while I belt my songs high school style, gives me motivation and the magazines {that I grabbed at Target} provide me with more ideas and fashion inspiration. I ALWAYS come away from me time with a new long list of ideas, a clear head, and some new-found patience as a mom. {I run out of that after a week of toddler hell like I had this week.}

Here’s why you should be scheduling your “me-time” :

{be sure you have someone around to reinforce it to be sure it happens!}

  •  The time alone allows for new ideas. My best ideas come when I drive, and I often miss freeway exits because I get so lost in thoughts and ideas.
  •  Get inspired. Use your alone time wisely by doing something to inspire your creativity. In my case, I LOVE looking through catalogs and mags cause I am interested in how the images are shot, where the content is put, and what styles are trending.  For YOU, it might be listening to music, going for a walk, looking at art, or reading a book, but it should inspire you as well as let you relax.
  •  Lose the stress. I often feel like I will never shake stress. Like I am doomed to be a ball of stress forever. But after I take some time to chill alone, and remember why I like to do what I do, I feel confident again. I don’t compare myself to other businesses that are making it happen while I’m at the beginning. I just feel empowered to do it.
  •  You have needs too. You know when you are on a plane and they tell you to take the oxygen mask first and THEN help your child? Cause you CAN’T help your child, if you’re dead. I am learning that I need to feel complete and whole and sane before I can be a good mom and take care of other humans. Which is my first and most important job I have. The truth is, when I lose the stress and feel inspired with new ideas, I also gain patience and perspective that allows me to be more present as my kids’ mom. It’s a positive cycle for sure.

magazine inspiration

After a long week, the husband grabbed us a babysitter for date night and I got ready, thinking about a few shots I saw in the celebrity twins issue I read. I hadn’t worn this light sweater in a while and I felt so chic in my flats and glasses. It wasn’t a huge deal, but proof that the me time, for me, is a huge upgrade!

File Jun 21, 11 35 42 PM

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