so now that my 19 years or so of school are finally over,
and we realize that entertainment will change dramatically for us in about 5 months…

we have been doing a lot of tivo/netflixing
and yes that includes some of the most recent depressing college football games…
here are some of our faves:

if you aren’t watching, get to it.

the closer

kyra is so much fun to watch,
and while yes, its another one of those “crack-the-case” law & order-feeling shows,
it packs a punch with a great cast and some witty dialogue.
it will never get old for me.
every time she closes a case,
you want to be there to give her the high five she deserves…


a show my dad got me on that is equally as addicting.
huge laurie is one of those guys you love even though you know deep down you shouldn’t.
this of course does a similar, “crack-the-code” plot each time, only with the medical angle,
each case complete with the vindictive house, determined to do what ever it takes to find out what really happened…

this one also has a pretty great cast with back stories and some
witty dialogue as well…

[sensing a pattern…?]


remember watching ocean’s 11, and then national treasure and italian job?
the kind of movies you could watch over and over cause they are just so fun…
this show is just that.
the bad guys go good to play robin hood on the bad guys.
in other words, former cons, set up a trap to steal back what was taken from their clients.
great concept.
great show.


this is another one of those shows easy to get hooked on.
the back stories are just as intriguing as the cases they solve and these are a bit easier to stomach than some of the very bloody and nasty things on house…

the characters are all so much fun and have a great storyline.
the dialogue is great. you could just listen and be entertained to this one.

prison break

this one is on netflix. if you watched it, you are probably thinking,
“a little late, huh guys?”
and yes, we are.
but this, hands down, thee most addicting show!
it gets my heart rate up so i probably shouldn’t watch it right now,
but the star player of this one is one of the most brilliantly convoluted plots i have ever seen on television.
unlike lost (that got lost in its own plot hole graveyard), this one was well crafted from the start.
yes, it does instill some fear in the government or any security for that matter…
i wont say it is gruesome, but it isn’t something for kids…

all i know is i have to keep watching.
must. find. out.

between prison breaks, to catch our breath
(or to time cookies or pizza dough)
we watch us some

arrested development

another old show,
no longer on the air only because it wasn’t released in the prime of it’s life.
look it up and enjoy this satire with a hilarious cast.

it just makes me homesick for modern family to come back.
we are so ready for fall!

speaking of fall shows to come back,