casual. chic. california style. welcome to our apparel line inspired by styles in San Diego!

we couldn’t be more excited to finally share with you the “big project” that we’ve been working on since July!

welcome to Color Me Apparel!!

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after months and months of spending money on pencil skirts and v-necks, i realized that it’s all i ever want to wear.

these models here, are 2 of my very best friends, and they know how to rock the pencil skirt more than anyone i know,

so i got to thinking, why not?

our clothes are inspired by styles that we see a lot in San Diego, and the patterns are manufactured right here in California locally.

it’s been so fun to come up with the perfect fit and style.

i spent all summer long buying skirts just to swap out with various graphic tees {also coming to CMA soon!},

but these are made the best of any i own. they are so soft and cozy, but built to last.

i hated the skirts with elastic on the waist, they squeeze in too tight and were unflattering,

{or the elastic rolls around and has to be adjusted…ugh}

but some have very flimsy bands that stretch and render useless after a few wears…

these are made so well and i LOVE the way they fit.

we also have some fun prints right now that i’m stoked about….

the pre-launch sale will be live next week {Wed 10 @ 9am PST} and stock will be very limited.

once it’s gone, it’s gone.

so sign up for emails for color me apparel here and get coupons and deals for the big launch in january.

coming soon to the store: some super fun dresses, graphic tees, graphic v-tees for boys, and the perfect little peplum for girls.

you won’t want to miss it!

thanks again for all of the support and kind words. it’s been a lot of work, but we are so excited to hear from you and see how you like the products!

go check it out and follow on facebook and instagram to help support and follow along for new stuff and giveaways coming up!