this week we had the realization that we have been kind of boring.
when we don’t have visitors {we’ve had lots lately}, we have “chores” to do,
or we are just lazy…
i complained a little that we were going to be boring again this weekend,
then left my poor husband with the two year old and spent saturday at a baby shower,
then got a pedicure… 
that man played all day with his little dude friend,
and when i got home he was all lit up and excited to take us on an adventure!

this year, we went to the pumpkin patch in del mar. it’s free to get in {one of the few that is}, 
and all the rides cost a few bucks each…
the pumpkins are priced like they are at the store,
 so we were pretty happy.
just enough to do for a busy 2.5 year old.
{if boss could read, he’d be sure i kept the .5 there…. everyone he sees he must tell,
“i’m 2 a half!!”}
 it was a perfect autumn night, actually chilly enough to need sweaters,
and everything seemed to glow in the perfect lighting of fall…

it’s times like these i know B won’t remember.
he’s too young to really recall the $12 spent on rides for just him,
and how little he really cared about pumpkins after about 5 minutes because he’s too ADD.
but we will, and making memories is what it’s all about, right?

gosh, i just love this little family of mine…