this weekend we discovered a new beach!
it’s so fun to try something new, but this was a fun find.
solana beach {fletcher cove} is small,
surrounded by cliffs so it isn’t as windy,
and when the tide goes out, it is long and shallow,
so plenty of room for the little dudes, which is a huge plus.
and for it’s size, it didn’t even seem all that crowded!
and since my parents were in town,
all we did this weekend was play in water and sand.
did that sound like a complaint?
cause it wasn’t.
then we went to the zoo church,
to play with 18 two-year-olds in the nursery
{where i “work” on sundays}.
i couldn’t get over my little B and how grown up he looked…
my dad’s other favorite san diego pasttime
is exploring new territory.
he always whines to just get in the car and take me somewhere
that i mentioned i haven’t been…
“you guys haven’t even seen san diego yet!”
he’s always telling me…
so we took a sunday drive downtown to see shelter island.
i remember fishing off the pier here as a family years ago.
where we failed miserably, but took joy in our neighbors success…
and eventually shot photos of our dead fish to look like we caught something…
that was the ONLY thing i can remember from that trip…
ps, every time i see one of these tour buses i want to go. they drive right into the water… #rad
it’s a fun little touristy spot to walk and see the boats,
a great city view of the skyline, and eat fishy things…
if you’re into that…
so for labor day, when we had lots more family around,
we decided to head back to fletcher cove again.
and in true arizona fashion,
we stayed all day.


 and of course, ended the day with souplantation.
our favorite post-beach spot to eat with a crew.
dear family and friends,
you are welcome to come visit anytime.
we have been loving the endless streak of visitors!!