weekends at the BRC usually consist of only one of 2 things:
projects, or adventures.
this was an adventure weekend.
a friend tipped us off to a little spring fair happening in allied gardens.
when i mentioned vintage cars, cc was in.
we just love that there is so much to do,
so much to see,
and so much time to do it in.
this turned out to be quite a big event,
lots of people,
lots of venders, rides, food,
live music.
this had us written all over it.
 and did i mention cc surprised me a few weeks ago with a new 50mm lens?
he did.
i had one that worked fine, but it’s from our 70s film camera. 
 manual focus.
so from a car window, or following a running child…
not easy.
this one is a dream…
so we took it for a spin.

make no mistake,
i would definitely drive this red t-bird.

and aside from the heat,
{we californians can’t handle 80 anymore…}
it was a fun get-away,
complete with bbq faces

the perfect mother’s day weekend activity, 
if i do say so.