we didn’t do much for valentines this year.
and we couldn’t find a sitter, so we just packed up the kids and attempted a nice dinner for 4.
it wasn’t incredibly successful, as it turns out.

but we did, ALL, get flowers!

but cc’s bacon roses were a big hit!
{i just rolled em up, skewered a handful of them on a skewer
and put them upright in the oven at 400 for about 10-12 minutes until they were cooked through.}

and if this doesn’t speak volumes about the man i married
he came home with flowers for me,
but these gorgeous roses for his little girl.
i almost died. he’s so thoughtful.

{to his mother and 3 sisters who taught him to be thoughtful: thank you forever!}

and cc got me orchids this year,
and i can’t stop staring at them.
aren’t they gorgeous?!

and even though, he’s a crazy nut at a restaurant,
that toddler treats his sister like his valentine most days,
and i couldn’t be more grateful for the sweet people in my life.

hope you had a lovely valentines too!