prepare for the most drool-worthy red and chocolate desserts you’ve seen…


50 valentine dessert recipes

i’m going to go ahead and say right out loud that this week was the first time in 2 months that i have baked. at. all.
i’m not sad about it. i’m not apologizing for it.


we have been on a “chicken & veggies” kick here {what we say when we are trying to lose weight} and it’s working thus far… i’m down 5, and he’s down 10.


blah blah that’s fine and all, but you came here cause you saw that i have some dessert for you, which i do. holy freakin goodness, i will say that valentines is one of those holidays that truly is only what you make it. i think it’s an excuse to write love notes and eat more chocolate than usual, but it’s typically when i come down from the high of a new year and remember how fun it is to create random things for the people i love, mostly in the name of consumption and smiling tummies. other than that, i don’t usually get too fancy nancy over it.


thus, i found for you a large collection of colorful and decadent desserts and treat recipes you can try out this year and see what you think!


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