i wasn’t even going to throw a party for the four year old this year, there, i’ve said it. but out of the blue, Reese┬ámentioned she wanted a unicorn birthday party for her birthday, and i couldn’t ignore that!

unicorn party ideas | cookie decorating and easy party decor

we happened to have most of the cousins in town this weekend for the birthday, and cousins are really all she cares about these days, so it was a perfect little gathering with just family, that she has told everyone about. “i had a unicorn party and got a rainbow cake!

the night before, i was having some rough contractions, as well as that morning, so i called in a favor to Grammy and she gratefully helped to throw this rainbow cake together last minute. it was…close to what we envisioned, but worked great. she also happened to make some sugar cookies to decorate, and i had a few rainbow cookies and unicorn cookies for kids to decorate which turned out to be the perfect easy activity.

rainbow unicorn cake

this little girl was in heaven

we didn’t do invites, we didn’t invite friends, we threw together subs and watermelon and grabbed most of the decorations from Target and the cookie cutters were from amazon. we were going to make unicorn horns or even get these cute ones from amazon as well, but ended up using plain party hats. if we WERE to do a friend party, this set is the same as what is at Target, but also has cute headbands and tablecloths…

birthday girl unicorn party birthday girl unicorn party and magical banner unicorn party straws6 layer rainbow unicorn cake

her daddy bought this origami owl necklace for her back in march. he was so excited to give it to her because she’s been so into necklaces and always wants to wear mine, and she’s super into trolls too so it was fitting that it have poppy and branch inside. i do wish these necklaces were a little sturdier though and that the locket stayed shut!

origami owl necklace | poppy and branch trolls

unicorn straws for birthday party decorate cookies and rainbows for unicorn party rainbow unicorn birthday cake rainbow unicorn cake

turns out the cousins loved the cookie decorating, and the crazy 6-layer rainbow cake. it was low-key and easy, but at least, she’ll look back and say, “hey, mom threw me a party when i was 4.” which is what matters to me in the end.

that, and of course, that she inherited a few new unicorns for me to pretend to be when we play “mom and baby unicorns” all.day.long.
unicorn birthday party

happy birthday, you sweet crazy girl of mine. i love you and you are nuts. basically just like a unicorn.

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