that one time that the internet broke over a dress… and we should all care less, but since we are perpetually in need of entertainment… alas…


I hate myself a little bit for even spending the time to do this. I’m upset on a few levels that this has gone viral and I can’t even. I can’t.

Yesterday I saw the picture and said, “what’s the big deal? It’s just a blue and black dress. Get over it, Internet.”


This morning, my husband walked over to me, phone in hand and said, “you have to see this”. Before I saw it, I announced, “if you are going to show me that dress, I might shoot you in the face.” I told him the correct answer, that’s blue and black. Then we argued for 30 minutes because it’s indisputably white and gold to him. I honestly was shocked

Because my brain works in photoshop, and I am a night owl, I see the darker colors in things. I edit to the natural colors, in my eyes. He sees what is. Which is often why I think the night owls will see the dress as blue and black and the morning peeps will see the white and gold. Either way, our nerdy sides couldn’t let it go and I whipped out a quick photoshop guide and was even more surprised to see what I found….

the blue black dress white gold debate illusion

So, I pulled the color from the light and the darker shadows in each of these images. The one I saw was the one in the middle, which is probably still a slightly lightened version of the real dress, based on the blown out background.

I pulled the color from the same place in each, and I get it now. My husband, whose brain sees only the light cast on the photo, only picks up on the lights in the first photo, thus seeing the gold and white. I only can see the blue. It’s a light blue, but hard to argue it’s not a blue! We are both right. His eyes and brain just discount the other colors completely, he truly only sees the light as I truly only see the dark. {Don’t get all spiritual on me, I’m not evil…ha!}

Then he showed me this similar illusion…

optical illusion color thing

When you first look at this, the A and B look like 2 different colors. Cause our eyes are seeing the color cast, or what the shadows “change” the colors to in our brains… I did the same thing for you and pulled the color to show you they are the same. Crazy, right? If you cover the surrounding boxes with your fingers, you’ll eventually see the colors of the boxes are the same.



optical illusion color

Needless to say, apologize, kiss and make up, you are ALL right. Though, the dress in reality is still blue and black, when you say you truly only see white and gold, you are not wrong!

Crazy, right?!