10 chances to win 10 awesome Disney prizes to help you get to Disneyland this year!

ultimate disney vacation giveaway

 basically because we wanted to, and because we thought it would be fun to just give back to you,

each of these other blogs and i are giving away awesome Disney stuff so you can add that to your “you-were-already-going-to-Disneyland-this-year-and-need-that-anyway” fund and go for it. if you enter on all blogs {bless your heart if you make it through!} you will have 10 solid chances at all of these prizes valued over $1500 in all!!

what am i giving you?

50 dollars to spend wherever you want on Disney stuff!


 i am literally crafting my eternal post as we speak about all the awesome things we’ve learned as Disneyland passport holders this year, and one thing i will tell you is that, while you can bring food and have things to keep the kids occupied as you wait for stuff…

you’ll still spend money at Disneyland!

hopefully this helps you have a more stress-free vacation and just relax.

{if you DO go out to eat when you are there… go to the Sourdough factory at California Adventure and get soup in a bread bowl. you’re welcome.}

so, here’s the deal,

1 of these bloggers is giving away a vacation package, lots are giving away Disney cash, a Mickey waffle iron, a Kindle Fire HD!

i won’t tell you who’s who, so you’ll just have to click through to all of them and find out what you’re missing.

follow and enter as much as you can for the most chances.

there won’t be just one winner, you COULD win lots of stuff!!

so after you enter the form below, click the big red button to check out and enter the next prize!!

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