Boston's First Day 14

This was such a fun/crazy/emotional few weeks at our house. My first kiddo just started his first week of school and it is still a bit weird to me. I knew the day was coming, and to be fair, up until this week I was counting down the hours. I was so ready, and heaven knows he was. He is starting a new Spanish immersion program in kindergarten and he got in the car after the first day and said, “Vamos, Mom!”. I think it will be so fun to watch him grow and learn. He’s clearly absorbing it all and making friends and loving it. {I think it will take time to learn when NOT to make friends, but we’ll get that down soon enough.}

Boston's First Day 9

We had lots of fun school shopping with him too. Getting a few new things for school was always my favorite part of the process growing up. It made it fun and exciting and felt like something to look forward to. The backpack is definitely his favorite thing about going to school! When I saw the list of supplies the school wanted us to bring, I laughed out loud at first! It was so long! And they wanted 2-3 of EVERYTHING. I will say, I was most happy to see Clorox Wipes on the list, because I was planning to donate lots anyway. The truth is, when school is free, I am so supportive of the school and teachers who care for and teach these little humans. At our house, I have already started getting intense about cleaning and keeping germs out, but we can only do so much to support the school and hope they do the same. If it’s on the list, it means it matters to them too, which makes me happy. A clean homeroom and a clean room at home!

  Boston's First Day

Who doesn’t love shopping for school supplies? We had so much fun getting all of the crayons and glue, and talking about what he will get to do in school. We talked about how to stay safe, how to make friends, and how to avoid germs…{He was looking in the cart with all of the fun craft and writing supplies and said, mom, why are you getting your favorite cleaning stuff?!}  So it was a good time to have the germ conversation again and remind him how to stay healthy…etc. Boston's First Day 12

This boy has been so sweet for the last few weeks and it was sad to see him go. That morning of his first day, I gave him a “back to school” gift and he got to open a new Rescue Bot. He loves them, and they have become the currency around here. He earns them back and loses them when he makes poor choices… etc. So he told me he didn’t want to take pictures on his first day without his new school toy. I love this kid, and I’m so proud of the little man he’s becoming. I only hope I taught him enough,  and that he can be good and kind and make friends. Boston's First Day 15 Boston's First Day 31

By all means, kid, just stop growing up!

Boston's First Day 36

How else Clorox is helping in schools…

This year, Clorox wants to make back to school even easier for schools in need with a $100,000 donation to, a charity website that helps teachers get the funds they need for various classroom projects and supplies. You can also help when you shop. For every $5 you spend on Clorox, Hidden Valley and Glad Products, you’ll receive $1 (up to $5) that you can either redeem as a donation to or as money off on future purchases.

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