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the color run | san diego

it’s probably going to turn into a bad habit of mine. and i hope it turns into a longer {running} habit, to be honest,

but this one i ran with my sister, and it was pretty awesome.

color run SD 1 so, because i need to keep the events and haps updated over here

{and we have obviously be failing at doing so}

i’d better start with the color run in san diego that we ran down at qualcomm a few weeks ago.

color run SD 5

i decided 2 things after this one:

1) tulle skirts are the way to go.

2) i WILL be running my next 5k with my kid. he would LOVE this stuff. and reminds me all day after…

color run SD 6 color run SD 7 color run SD 8 color run SD 9   color run SD 12 color run SD 13 color run SD 14

the color run is one of the larger 5ks i’ve seen, and has a great following,

but as i mentioned before, you could probably plan your trip to san diego around a 5k, they are often, and always epic.

we even got a flyer on the car for the “celebration run” ya know, to celebrate whatever it is you want to celebrate… ha! {bit of a stretch guys, but ok…}

color run SD 16  color run SD 18  color run SD 20  color run SD 22 color run SD 23 color run SD 24

i don’t often stay for the party after, but it always looks like fun. if you had a crowd of friends with you, it’d be worth it to hang out for free stuff and dancing and more photos of colorful awesomeness.

and just a great way to get in some saturday morning exercise.

color run SD 25


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