i know i am way behind in posting our thanksgiving weekend,
but i will admit, it is one of the better weekends we have had as a little family.
staying at home, with no family around, sounds lonely for some,
but with all the traveling we had been up to,
we welcomed the quiet change of pace…
on thanksgiving we made a list of random acts of service we could do and did them all day…
it’s a new tradition that we are excited about.
cc was a little worried i was going to go out of control,
so we set a budget,
made a list, and we were all feeling amazing after each one.
we bought a ralph’s gift card and turned around and handed it to a dumbfounded woman behind us on crutches, buying a small basket of groceries for herself on thanksgiving…
and by the time we got to the car, decided that’s why we should be wealthy.
oh to buy groceries for strangers all the time, what a joy.
we bought a smaller gift card, in hopes that we would find a cardboard sign-holder to hand it to,
and we didn’t think we’d find him on thanksgiving, but then turned the corner to go to the restaurant for dinner, and he was there in the median. we handed him this out the window before we turned left,
and watching his face realize what it was, was the single best moment of the day.
we both teared all the way to the restaurant, and then decided:
this will be our new tradition. 
a day of giving is addicting, infectious, and so good for the soul.
boss conked out in the car and stayed asleep right by me on the bench where we ate,
{after slamming his tiny fingers in the car door…}
we enjoyed a beautiful, delicious meal, with our 2 children sleeping next to us.
it was a thanksgiving miracle.
and we had no dishes to do!

 then we spent the next day deep cleaning and de-junking the house,
got rid of bags and bags of clothes and trash… it felt amazing.

 so on saturday, 
after an oddly rough morning getting out the door for a family photo session,
i came home tired, and in need of some “us” time.
cc, who had the kids ready and packed up, 
put me in the car and drove us all straight to poway park.
if you come to san diego and you have kids that need things to do,
come check out this cute nook!


and what a photo goldmine this place is!
there were lots of photographers there when we were,
and it’s obvious why. lots of green, fall leaves,
and rustic wood buildings… it has a little of everything!
and of course, trains!

 this boy was in heaven here.

they also have a farmer’s market here in the morning, 
with extended hours through the holidays,
so we walked the venders, found some goods, and found a place to sit and eat our pita and hummus next to this charming fire station. seriously, a 2 year old’s haven…

the train ride is something like $2.50 for adults and $.50 for kids!
we could have gone for rides all day…