using that awesome balsamic and honey pork we made last week, we whipped up the naughtiest version of quesadillas i’ve had in a long while.

{yes, we pronounce the Ls at our house, just to be annoying. working?}

sweet pork quesadillas with spicy ranch

so last week we made a BOATLOAD of pork.  it was a lot. and it was such a great flavor that it translated into many different meals that made the week so easy.

my mom always says to make 1-2 meats a week and make tons on day one so you just reuse it until it’s gone throughout the week. i always forget this trick until, BOOM, i had 7 lbs of pork to reuse…

these tasted NOTHING like the sliders that the meat originated from, but the slightly sweet, but not too BBQ-y flavor made these amazing… and with a little avocado and corn. STOP.

oh, and if you make these on any less than the uncooked tortillas, you might not love them so much. just saying.

sweet pork quesadillas with spicy ranch

meals that practically make themselves are what we do these days. otherwise, you’ll find us at Souplantation like last night.

{i’m not sad about it one bit as you can see…}

sweet pork quesadillas with spicy ranch