sundays in general are always a day i remember 
how grateful i am to be married to such a great dad.
if we didn’t have very early church, i would have made him a yummy breakfast,
or got up before he did to set something up.  
but instead, he got up, showered, and got B up, fed, dressed, and packed up while i tried to make sense of ugly hair and wardrobe.
and that’s a weekly occurance.
by the time i get to church, i am just so grateful to be there,
but then add to that the fact that it’s father’s day and my little dude looks like a mini-me of dad… i was emotional to begin with, i guess you could say…
sat toward the back,
barely made it on time.
and this sweet dad wheeled up next to us.
it nearly killed me watching his son hop up on to his lap 
and talk to him the entire time.
what a lucky boy to have his dad here.
i had asked cc what he wanted me to make him for dinner.
he requested baby back ribs, and plain ice cream. 
{aka: a meal he wanted to make himself. he is, after all, the meatman.}
i added some love, and it was great.
just us, nice and quiet.
i gave him a few small things,
we watched a movie he wanted to rent,
then we ichatted with both our dads with technology,
and went to bed happy.
i love dad day.
and our dads….
and boston’s.