because we have 2 weeks for spring break here, we spent the first in AZ playing with cousins on break too, then we went and stayed with family in san diego for week 2. we love being close enough to get over there when we are out of school, and the kids love to play with friends and cousins there and get a little beach time in. they are, after all, california babes and the ocean speaks to them.

we tagged along and played with our friends who were in real life most of the week, and crashed play dates, and enjoyed time with family in the evenings.

just before we left we got to play with jed and miki, our sweet friends who moved in the same week we did in san diego, and who will be lifelong friends {whether they want to or not at this point!}. they suggested we go strawberry picking and then do dinner. it was such a fun outing. lucky for us, she brought her camera and captured it for us.

i love san diego, i love the beach. and i love this little growing crew.

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IMG_0034 IMG_0021 IMG_0009

one of the days playing with our friends, we went to chick fil a, painted naked, and drove to Irvine. good times with good friends…