i realized as i was posting about christmas already just now,
that i didn’t even document thanksgiving.
isn’t that always how it goes.

poor thanksgiving.  always the leftovers…

then i realized this is the only picture i have of said holiday.
and i only have that cause the man of the house was so delighted in his new job-title that it had to be kept for posterity.
his first ever “dad cutting the turkey” moment.
he stood and waited until i realized my title “documenter of the man-of-the-house.”

i didn’t see the need for a flag ceremony, but since he did the work on the turkey we were just glad it turned out great and tasted yummy.

{side note: we went with a naughty rub on our birdie this year and put it upside down in a roasting bag. it was perfect. and nearly impossible to burn that way.}

i realize we didn’t really take any pictures cause well, we were all still in our grubbies from our 2 mile jog/run that almost killed us in the morning….
and that was after our day was almost shot due to locking ourselves out of the house to go on the run.  oops.

and because the table wasn’t all dolled up and perfect like my mom would have it at her house.
and my hair was a wreck.

but the food, was delightful.
and the company even better.

and B got to try turkey and potatoes and all kinds of things he loved.

and despite messing up my own roll recipe,
{turns out sugar really is a vital ingredient in rolls}
i would say it was successful for a holiday.
even if most stores wanna try to breeze right over it.

and if it weren’t for good food, we probably would.

moving right along….