another easy one pan skillet recipe to whip up in less than 30 minutes.

we even use the veggie pasta to add a bit more flavor and a serving of veggies in there…

one pan skillet enchilada pasta

i won’t lie to you and say that we are always healthy eaters,

in fact, i have read lots lately about people who have made amazing changes to their diets and lifestyle because of what they know about food and they are skinnier, healthier, happier for it.

i will say that our transformation to healthier living is a slow one, and i’m more than ok with that.

i feel a little guilty when i see all those people doing Whole30, or eating paleo only…

like i SHOULD be eating that way or i am disgusting…

the truth is a 2-parter:

1- i blog my food, so i can’t ONLY make food like that, even if that’s all i were to eat. i generally post what we eat so you’ll be able to see the trends of how we eat. that we ebb and flow in and out of super healthy and more realistic food… cause eating one way or the other is not really realistic to me. not yet…

2- we really, really like food.

i LOVE that i get emails every week of people coming to san diego and want to know where to eat and what to do.

we LOVE finding new places to eat and trying different kinds of food. to eliminate huge food groups or say, “i will only eat what comes straight from the ground”

limits my ability to enjoy new and interesting food. we generally eat that way, whole, natural, fresh food,

but i will probably never be able to say “i ONLY eat….etc.” cause that, for me, would never be enjoyable to keep up without the occasional treat or carb or street food that makes those types cringe because of all the “chemicals” in it.

with that said, we like to try and “lighten” some meals, add more veggies, eat smaller amounts of the starchy stuff, but still eat it.

it’s a choice. and it’s what works for us.

this pasta, for example, is made lighter with veggie pasta, made from part veggies and part wheat flour, so it’s lower carb and adds the benefits of more veggies…

if some cooked squash and zucchini were added in there it would make it even better.

we served it along side a huge salad and it went fast.

it’s spicy and tastes a lot like classic enchiladas.

i’d even use a rotisserie chicken to make life super easy and this is a go-to on a busy day. a classic mid-week meal.