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sick days & swim suits

it’s been a long week for us over here.

after last weekend with company and a party,
we apparently all got sick with nasty colds from satan…
hence why i haven’t done a whole lot this week.
admittedly, it’s been nice.

i had a great birthday and friends and family made it super fun,
but sadly, we still woke up sick all week, and i’m still feelin it today.
{though gratefully my voice is back! you don’t know how much you need to yell and sing until your voice is gone!}
go away cold!

now that i have birthday and mother’s day money to spend,
i have been drooling over the new suits this season…
and i have never really worn a one piece, but there are some super cute ones now!!

it’s about beach season here and i need one more so i don’t wear the same one every day…
that’s very important you know…

this is not at all a comprehensive list,
i’m too much of a cotton-headed ninny muggins still for that…

parrot one piece {limericki}
black white stripe one piece {downeast}
rose/dot one piece {limericki}
striped tankini {oldnavy}
teal rash gaurd {limericki}
happy friday!!


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