this month’s message really lifted me up.

it’s what we are here for after all, to lift each other.i will not leave you comfortless quote

after i hit publish last week on my post about moms with anxiety and depression,

i sat, quite anxiously, watching it pour in: your reactions, your commiseration, your understanding, your validation, and your love.

you have hard things in your lives, you understand that we all have dark days and things to handle that are often too much to bear on our own.

thanks for your sweet words and for lifting this mama up when i needed it, so i could be there for a few who needed it this week.

also, thanks to those of you who have sent me your stories and answered questions for a follow-up post {keep em coming!}.

many of you deal with depression and anxiety with your faith, so when i saw the message, i was inspired, by YOU, and these words:LDS #sharegoodness quote

that’s why i really like women.

it takes a village to raise us too, right?

and since LDS conference is coming up soon, i have spent my nights

{that i am usually staring at the ceiling thinking up the million things i could/should/want/have to do}

reading through last conference talks.

i love just going through and reading all the inspiration at once like a book. there always seems to be a “theme” that jumps at me,

and it’s obviously more about what i need to hear.

there is lots of comfort in the words of those great men and women.

and comfort was what i needed.

i’m not saying that reading the scriptures or uplifting words is a cure-all for anxiety,

because i think there are LOTS of things that factor in,

but it sure helps! i have slept better and more sound all week

because the good news is:

He totally gets me. My Savior knows me and has literally BEEN there.

and He will not leave me comfortless.

powerful stuff.

september 2014 LDS visiting teaching printable message

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