A yummy salted caramel sauce you can make with what you have at your house right now and save for weeks in the fridge!

salted caramel sauce without creamTwo weeks ago we were running the air. And by “running the air”, I mean that we run the unit that sits by our window and cools only the one room, leaving us all to curl up on mom’s bed on hot and sticky days when it’s too hot to breathe in our second story apartment, but too much work to get all worked up and sweaty to go outside. {gee, complainer much?}

That was two weeks ago. All of the sudden, we are 5-8 degrees cooler and all of San Diego is bundled up and wearing parkas. It’s the hilarious truth about this place. We have about a 10 degree allowance and we’ve all adapted to it.

So, the other morning I just wanted to make some caramel apple cider like we do, and though I LOVE the recipe we usually use, it uses cream. I like it a lot, but that also means that it thickens up a lot and has to be almost melted every time you use it, that, and it needs cream. I just don’t always have cream around is the problem.

So this is how to make up a caramel sauce that will stay in the fridge and always have the perfect consistency to spoon into a hot drink and bring you all the warm and fuzzies. I used this in a naughty dessert too as it’s perfect for drizzling on… well, anything. Make up some apple cider, or some sugar cookie tea with almond milk, and then stir in the caramel sauce until your heart sings. I usually squirt on a healthy dose of whipped cream for good measure and sprinkle the top with cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice.

salted caramel apple cider

And if you are over the whole salted caramel thing, fine, I get that. Just don’t put in the salt and it’s still pretty naughty. I am NOT quite over the salted caramel business, so I add the salt for sure.


salted caramel sauce without cream for mixing into drinks and drizzling on desserts