I just made my new go-to Thanksgiving dessert. I like this more than pie and it’s ridiculously easy to make.

Perfect Salted Caramel Pumpkin Poke Cake

salted caramel pumpkin poke cake

I was craving pumpkin in a really bad way. Really I just needed a cozy fall dessert. And around this time of year for some reason I always think of the pumpkin cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory. Or is it┬áCalifornia Pizza Kitchen? Anyway, it’s naughty, and smothered in a caramel/praline sauce that melts in your mouth like sin.

So I had a quick thought, and decided I’d try using my new-found caramel sauce in a poke-cake and see if I couldn’t satisfy my fall sweet craving. I don’t mean to toot my horn or anything….. but… yeah I do, I like this cake better than that cheesecake. It was even better the second day, after all the sauce had time to soak into the already moist cake, so make this one a day or two before you need it and you will not be sad about it. It is the perfect fall dessert. So gooey and moist and melts in your mouth. I can tell it will become a staple at our house in the fall because it was such a huge hit.

salted caramel pumpkin poke cake The salted caramel sauce I made to go in our hot drinks that we make now that it’s all chilly here, and it is made with milk instead of cream, so it’s likely that you’ll already have everything you need to make this right now!

I love poke cakes, so the idea of a pumpkin poke cake was killing me. I love this one from Ashton over at Something Swanky. I thought that just looked so so good. I even bought the sweetened condensed milk, knowing I was going to make one of her poke cakes but swapped it out for the salted caramel sauce. I tell you what, I do not regret it. A caramel pumpkin poke cake for the win.

salted caramel pumpkin poke cake