when our friends were here last week, we took them too the safari park.
cause apparently just the zoo isn’t enough.
i hadn’t been since maybe i was 10, 
and we could all get in for next to nothing with my pass,
so it was fun to go explore with some friends.
i would say that it was stupid hot that day,
bu i know about 30 of you that would shoot me for saying so…
nevertheless, we melted a bit…
this park is fun though.
very african vibed.
they even give the kids safari hats on the way in.
b played with his for a solid 2 hours and was more entertained than the animals…
best part of this park is hands down the “safaris” 
the general admission gets you on a tram-ish ride around the huge grounds where all the free-roaming animals are…. then you can pay a bagillion more if you want to go out there in smaller trucks and feed them, or zipline…etc. all kinds of fun stuff.
its just fun to be reminded how small we are.
such a huge place….
…and better with friends…
boss decided we need to come back with daddy and take more pictures of the grounds,
cause they are so cool.
not sure my 18-mth-er loved it as much as the zoo with lots more animals,
but it is fun for sure!  
if you come and have to pick one, i’d still say the zoo.