And I’m a bit in denial.

I also thought for sure that it would be hard to see her so grown up at this age, but gratefully, she has been talking like a baby and asking “can i holdjew?” all week, so I think she and I are on the same page about how this is supposed to go. Nice and slow baby girl. Nice and slow.

Her birthday this year was pretty uneventful. Partially because I knew she wouldn’t care or remember a party other than what we could through together cheap with family, and partially cause it is just too damn hot to do anything here! Her last two parties were fun and beautiful and outdoors because we could. Sorry, girlfriend, your birthdays will forever be in a pool, or indoors. Kinda lame, but it is what it is!

So because we skipped the big party with friends, we took her to the store to pick out a toy. Again, she was unamused, and landed on a $4 stuffed hello kitty. She can be easy to please sometimes I guess. Noted.

So we had dinner at grammy’s, cupcakes, pink ice cream, and a dance party. {she was terrified of the fire on the cake, so let it be written that she didn’t blow out her own candles.} She was in heaven after that and danced until she dropped in my arms, too tired to move. I love this girl. Reese Birthday 1 Reese Birthday 2 Reese Birthday 3 Reese Birthday 4 Reese Birthday 5 Reese Birthday 6 Reese Birthday 7 Reese Birthday 8 Reese Birthday 9 Reese Birthday 10 Reese Birthday 11