Soft Rainbow Playdough | And why moms need a mom

Rainbow playdough | & Why Moms need a MOM!

an easy and soft playdough recipe that lasts 6 months, and why moms need a mom too…rainbow play dough recipe that lasts six months!

i was drowning.

last year, and last summer, were the hardest days for me as a mom. i dreaded going to “work” every day. i would read articles about other moms who just loved being a mom and would share all about how much fun they were having and i had to keep repeating my aunt’s mantra over and over… “it’s just a phase. it’s just a phase”.

my kid was {and still is, for the most part} uncontainable. he needs to be doing something or be entertained all. the. time. which is hard when i am struggling to get a business off the ground and help support my family.

the other problem is that i am stubborn. and independent. {oh crap, they get it from me… excuse me while i shed a few about that…}

so i didn’t really ask for help. this summer as i felt the stress creep in again,  i had a chat with my mom. tears happened.

“mom, i need a mom. i need MY mom.”

after our family reunion this last weekend, mom stayed for a few days and helped us stay busy, helped with some birthday shopping for the almost 2 year old, made dinner {since i haven’t done that in months}, and lifted everyone’s spirits.

i have a cousin who is a mom of 3 boys going through breast cancer and she was at the reunion. i love her so much and look up to her. at one point of the reunion, after listening to quite a bit of negativity and complaining from my own family {some coming from my own mouth}, i had to go and thank her for her huge smile she was wearing. their kids were up at 5, and dad took them for a drive. they giggled as they told me how he ran into a pole… “no big, it’s just a bumper!”

lets just say, we had a good chat about changing our attitudes about life around here! i couldn’t believe her positive vibes. i mean, i knew she was like that, but i haven’t seen her a lot since her diagnosis. we ALL have stuff we deal with. NO ONE has the monopoly on hard, and EVERYONE is dealing with something, but man is it helpful to have some love and support to keep us positive and grounded in priorities.

rainbow play dough recipe ROYGBV lasts six months!

one of the things we did this week was whip up some playdough. something i did in the summers as a kid cause my mom was on it. we had all kinds of crafts and stuff we did together- usually in the kitchen, and i have such fond memories. my kids sat and played for a while and i had to remember, yet again, what it looks like to be a mom.

thanks, mom. i really really needed that!

Rainbow playdough that lasts 6 months!


  • 6 cups flour
  • 1 1/2 cups salt
  • 3 cups hot water
  • 1/2 cup oil
  • 2 tbsp cream of tarter

what to do

Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl or mixer, then add oil and water and beat until smooth. Separate into balls and add to mixer one at a time to mix in food coloring of desired color. Wipe bowl and attachments clean between colors. Store in plastic bags or containers. Lasts up to 6 months!

rainbow play dough recipe that lasts six months


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