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rad way to printstagram…

while looking for a photo book app for something completely different,
i accidentally stumbled on this one.
it caught my attention cause of the artsy-fartsy look of it,
and when i downloaded the app,  realized it was just a preview,
the app itself hadn’t launched…
so i got on the email list to be notified once it was up,
and the minute i could,
i choose my 20 photos,
{which they lay out in the mosaic cover for you},
then rearranged em in an order i liked,
chose black pages vs. white,
and said print.
{maybe 7 minutes total}
i had seen people posting their cool photos
of ways they’d printed their instagram pictures and cell phone photos…
i think this might be a new fave,
and a great gift idea.
cause lets be real.
even with the large expensive camera,
 i often love my phone fotos better…
at least of my own family…
20 best fotos of the year….
20 fotos from cabo…
a quick wedding book…
christmas for the parents…
i love it.
and the fact that it isn’t over-thought…
my app told me when it printed, shipped, arrived…
a total of 4 days.

it’s beautiful, right?!
$20. done.
check out the app here, you won’t be sad.
unrelated side note: enter this giveaway for $25 to Etsy here
disclaimer: i received this product from mosaic as compensation for the review, 
but the opinions and photos are my own.


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