a quick easy tie banner and print that BONUS,

you can make into a super cheesy paper tie to make dad wear to church!

and in any color so you can all still match. for the win.


printable father's day tie banner and print!

the guy i married is such a great sport. if you read my last post,

or if you have a uterus, you understand that women can be emotional crazies.

we have lots going on in the brain that makes us so. and it’s not easier when you add kids in the mix.

paper tie for dad in every color

what i have been learning, especially this year,

is how much my babies’ daddy deals with too.

he takes out the trash most mornings, comes home to do my dishes most nights,

he’ll call me from work if something exciting happens, or if he needs to see us for lunch.

{and of course, i’m always on board for that…}


but even more than that, i am learning the stress, the pressure that it is for a dad to make a home for his family.

this daddy, {chest pictured above}, is a money guy. as in wishes-he-had-lots-more-of-it-so-he-could-spoil-his-family kind of money guy.

and i think that’s pretty common. he will sit on the couch after we get the kids down,

and after he’s listened to me ramble on for 30 minutes about all the minute details of my day, and i will watch the face of subtle stress cross his face.

sometimes i can get him to admit what he thinks about.  and sometimes i know it’s not even a conscious thought…

he wants to build. he wants to create, he wishes for more time with his family, and a garage to build cars with his son.

he wants to be sure that his wife is happy and everything is emotionally sound within the walls of his home because he feels it’s his responsibility.

{though i don’t think it’s his responsibility, i’m happy that he thinks it is.}


earlier this week as we were cleaning and dancing around to music, the kids playing on the floor, he grabbed me and danced with me in the kitchen.

thinking about it just makes me smile and think of my dad, and how much he must have stressed too.

4 huge boys in the home to feed, 2 girls to keep happy.

my dad told me once that it’s good for your kids to see you love on each other.

i think he’s right.

and i hope there is more dancing and less stress for them, at least on father’s day.


to print the tie banner and the print/paper tie you will make dad wear, go here!

paper tie DIY for dad in every colorto make the tie, cut 1/2 inch strips off the side of the paper and set aside.

then make cuts from under the knot section of the tie to the edge of the paper and fold both sides along the edge of the tie {as shown top right}

fold the sides and bottom in, tape them. then fold the points on the top inside the knot.

tape one strip of paper to the inside of the knot {bottom right}

and tape the other to it for length.

{you wont see the paper under the collar!}

 paper tie and print for dad in every color

and ties are in lots of colors so you can get one he “likes” haha!

{dads are good sports…}