This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Carmex. All opinions are 100% mine.

My new favorite pencil skirt I’ve been wearing on repeat, and what’s in my bag at all times!

Dotty Skirt Color Me Apparel

So, first things first, I’m obsessed with this newest arrival at Color Me… this polka dot pencil skirt is currently only available on instagram, so head over there to order one. After the initial sale {free shipping} we’ll make up more and release them on the site. If you order one early, you can be sure to get the size you want so hurry over!

I dumped out my bag for you to see what is normally in there, because it’s always entertaining to me to know…{Not shown are about 40 fruit snack wrappers, crushed up crackers, and like 5 hot wheels cars…}

Here’s what I usually find in my bag:

* My dotty wallet, I think originally purchased at Forever 21

* My HAC makeup from Maskcara. More on that wonderfulness in the future. I’m obsessed.

*My earrings I want in every color from Nickel & Suede. I’m almost always wearing this color, so they often end up back in my back so I don’t forget to wear some.

* Carmex Moisture Plus lip balm. When I go out, sometimes I’ll do lipstick or lip stain, but not without a good lip balm first. This one is so soft and lasts forever! And they are cute, so I usually have a few.

*My geo colorful iphone/case.

* A notebook, cause my brain will explode if I don’t write my ideas all day… I will be chatting with a stranger at the park, or in the car at Chick-fil-a and think, “oh, I’d better remember that!”

* And my outfit on repeat… that’s Reese’s skirt, she packs as her extra outfit, and my fave sandals of summer. From Old Navy, and so comfy and cute.

Dot pencil skirt from Color Me Apparel and what's in my purse at all times

These stylish lip balms will be coming out with lots more fun prints in October and will be fun to throw in gifts and things for the holidays too!  They are perfect for under or over lip color because it lasts all day. More lip and skin care tips

Carmex lip balm moisture for every day

The prints are so fun, and you can buy Carmex Moisture Plus for $2.49 at Walmart, Walgreens and Dollar General, usually at the checkout so you can grab a few.

My style, year round is definitely very multi-color and multi-print. Because This skirt and bold prints are going to be in the rotation, it will be fun to have some of these fun patterns on my lip balm to go with it. The one above is probably my favorite for fall because it has a lace look, which I tend to pull out A LOT in the fall, and it’s fun with any black prints. I have been playing around with lace lately in my designs, and this one is inspiring me to make one happen for our fall line.

What's in my purse? These Carmex lip balm guys

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