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pinterest success // wingers honey hot wings copycat

yet again,

pinterest #forthewin.

i actually saw this on 2 of my fave girl’s blogs within this last week or so, and thought,
i LOVED that place in college. my roommate that i love, only wanted to eat at wingers and at red robin, so both still hold a place in my college-appetite heart.

this is one of those that i think i will just keep around to throw together when we need a quicky,
ya know, a super fast meal that makes me look good and takes no time at all.

truth be told, cc made this. as he usually does.

i sat at my computer and told him the few things to throw in,
and done and done.

{yes, just go buy the pre-breaded/cooked chicken.}
please don’t let pinterest guilt you into breading and frying your own chicken.
that’s just dumb. aint nobody got time for that!

wingers honey hot chicken strips
seen on chef in training AND high heels n grills
prep time: 12-18ish minutes. seriously.

you need:

1 pkg. Tyson’s chicken strips
1 & 1/2 cups brown sugar, packed
6 Tbsp. Franks hot sauce {we used original, and it was very similar to the real thing!}
1/4 cup water

what to do:

heat the chicken as is says on instructions, and by that i mean in the oven, you’ll want em a hint crispy. while they heat it up, grab a medium saucepan, heat the brown sugar, hot sauce and water over medium heat and stir until sugar is dissolved. fully coat the chicken with the sauce. it thickens as it sets. we ate ours with ranch, cause that’s how it’s done, but you can eat em alone too. perfect honey-hot ratio in my opinion. 
thanks ladies!  {my baby thanks you too.}


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