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one month down & a giveaway

so, we actually passed up reese’s one month mark on the 23rd,
but obviously, this proves where we are in life that i am posting about it almost a week late…

in reality, this little girl has been pretty easy to fit in our little family.

so far:

  • boss loves her, wants to give her kisses, get her “fire”, and is constantly patting her head saying, “it’s ok, baby. it’s ok.” if it weren’t for his many meltdowns of late, i might have more time to enjoy how cute he really is to her. {please be a short phase, please be a short phase}
  • she has one pupil that’s larger than the other. random right? not a problem, just a thing. 
  • her eyes are lightening, and are so far… not brown. more on that later i guess, but she might have some of her mom in her after all – yay! – a kid with some of my genes!
  • she just started smiling. and it makes the lack of sleep worth it completely.
  • she is more high maintenance than boss. i guess i’m not surprised. we call her princess and the pee. the smallest amount warrants a complete freak out that subsides the instant a new one is strapped on. hilarious.
  • she has had several nights of 5-6 hour stretches of sleep, but isn’t consistent quite yet. boss slept 7-8 at about week 8, so we’ll see if she measures up… 

we’ve made it out 2 whole days just mom + 2. both times i thought it would be so much harder than it was. turns out, the getting out is much easier than staying cooped up here in this little place.

and, you were right, i love having a girl. i thought i would be clueless, but this has been fun. and since we have such great friends and family, she is always well dressed and accessorized. and thanks to those same friends and family, we haven’t had to make a meal for almost 6 weeks now…
we are so grateful and have been so blessed. it’s been heaven-sent not to have to deal with that…

so real life, the one that involves grocery shopping, meal planning, and recipe tackling, starts again now. it’s that that i’m not quite ready for yet…

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