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Since I colored my hair a few weeks ago, I have had a handful of friends and family ask me if I really do love my hair color and I’ll tell each of them, YES! It really is as easy as you think and my hair feels so much healthier and shiny. The color that I went with feels so natural and looks just as vibrant as day one. My brother who was in town even asked if I have gone back to my “natural color”. Ha! If only I had naturally shiny hair…

at-home hair color

It’s been a few weeks, and I like the color even more now. It’s still just as dark and natural, but after a few washes, a few more of my highlights shine through and the red undertones are even more noticeable than day one. I used the natural mahogany black so when I wash it, I saw mostly black run out, which is good because in the sunlight, it has lots of depth. The reds and blacks play well with my natural brunette tone too, so I usually don’t have much in the way of noticeable roots, even when I reach the 8 weeks.

Here’s what I will tell you in case you missed my last post with the Clairol Nice ’n Easy how-to video:

The CC+ Colorseal Conditioner is the finishing touch that makes coloring my hair at home so great. This conditioner is what you’ll use right after you color, but it will have enough to last a few weeks and you will use it about once weekly to keep your hair in that feels-like-i-just-got-it-done zone of conditioned and shiny. I am prone to dry and frizzy hair since mine is so heavy and thick, so I only wash my hair about once a week and use oil regularly, but after I color it, I don’t need much to keep it feeling good.

at-home hair color CC Cream Conditioner

Because these last few months has been a little crazy for us, I admit, I wasn’t great at keeping up my “beauty” regimens, so I was starting to feel like a slob with frizzy hair, usually in a top knot, and not the cute I-meant-to-do-this kind. After I color, I find that my hair lasts longer. I often sleep on it and wake up with hair that still looks styled and shiny. Let’s just say that I’m a little less prone to go the gym on days when my hair does what I want it to! I’m not in the business of wasting a good hair day…

at-home hair color

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