ice cream that tastes JUST like a pumpkin pie, and takes no work.

pumpkin pie no churn ice cream with chocolate or salted caramel sauce

if you asked my friends who have known me since childhood, or at least high school, what they remember about my house, they would probably say something like, “man, there was always a party happening over there!” followed shortly by, “dude, you remember her dad made the best ice cream? …. memories, man… so good.”

because it’s true. we both partied pretty hard, and always ate ice cream on sunday evenings.

like it was our job.

so when i kept seeing all of these recipes pop up for “no churn” ice cream nonsense, i was, to be frank, slightly offended. {in honor of my dad, really}, because i was secretly on board with the less-work version. while i still think my dad’s nectarine ice cream is something i wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole, i’m pretty happy to say that this whole “just mix it up and throw it in the freezer” version, is something i can’t bash too hard either!

i’m already excited to use the leftover cream to try another flavor. and so is my must-have-ice-cream-every-night-while-i-detox-in-front-of-a-plot husband.

he’s so, so supportive. 😉

which is why when i asked him to come try scooping this naughtiness, he literally jumped up and ran out to help, then wagged his tail and panted until it was time to eat the “sample”.  silly boys…

pumpkin pie no churn ice cream easy

dear dad, don’t hate me. this isn’t betrayal. this is me begging for an ice cream maker for christmas.

{only 1/2 kidding here…}


pumpkin pie no churn ice cream easy