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I used to find geeks and nerds the hardest to shop for. We are usually talking men {except that I want everything on this list.}

and we are usually talking the type of people who don’t ask for much, {and if they need it, they just get it.} So yes, some on this list are things they might not NEED, but love if they had. Ya know, the practical types who wouldn’t spend money on it, though they want it… {over generalize much?}

So, here’s a quick list for the photographer, designer, computer geek, or engineer. I may know a few of those…

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 10.42.41 AMFujifilm INSTAX mini 8

This is a sweet little film camera that loads sqaure film and takes an awesome shot for the instagram or photog junkie. Check out the reviews and see what the nerds are saying about this updated gem. The white is my fave, but it comes in loads of cool colors too. They are a hint pricey for the white, but it would be such a fun camera to travel with, since the DSLRs are so darn bulky. It’s on my wish list.



gunnar computer glasses frames


Gunnar Enhanced Computer Glasses

So, I get that this might be WAY too nerdy for some of you, but I have a good friend who sells these and swears by them. They are what they say, glasses for using the computer. Ya know, to protect your eyes and keep you from the headaches and the awful light that will probably render us all blind some day. A great gift for a programmer, a designer, anyone with a desk job that requires hours of screen time…

iphone camera lens kit smartphone


Smartphone lens kit

If you can believe this, my MOTHER just got this lens kit. My MOM. I have been a little jealous, because, well, I’m a classic grade-a nerd. But also because, as afore mentioned, I am not usually carrying around my DSLR for fun, so most of my mom shots and video is taken right on my iphone 6. It might be one of those things that only the photo-intense types would actually use regularly, but for the price, it’s a fun “here’s something you might think is cool” kind of gift.





red bluetooth speakers


Sentley Bluetooth Speakers

I think it’s important for every geek, or nerdy couple to have a good set of bluetooth speakers.  The wireless gen is upon us, and cords are so 2005. These tiny boxes put out lots of sound, I’ve heard them in real life and read the reviews on these guys. For the price, these suckers are the ones. My brother always lugs his to the beach and zips it up into the “window” of the sportbrella. {Another nerdy thing you might need actually…}



slate fitbit flex Slate Fitbit Flex

Here’s another general neutral one that I have been eyeing for months, and hinting at, and whining for. If you haven’t heard of these, you’re behind. This tiny little bracelet is for the nerdy but athletic {or wants to be}type. It tracks your calories burned, steps taken, monitors your sleep, and even wakes you up with a gentle nudge. It’s pretty futuristic and kind of looks like something out of a distopian novel/movie, but yeah, it’s pretty cool. This also comes in all kinds of colors, or you can switch out the band for one later. I’d say gray, matches black and brown and keeps it discreet. Unless you’re not the discreet type.





Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 10.56.57 AM My Passport 2TB Hard Drive w/ auto backup!

For ANYONE who keeps anything important on a computer of any kind, this is a must-have. My computer crashed last week. Like, my 27inch Apple work horse is in the shop getting a new harddrive in it. I told him to wipe it and upgrade it and do what he had to do to get my baby back, knowing that everything was safely backed up on my harddrive. I brought said hard drive along for the drive, thinking I might need it. It apparently got gently bumped in the drive because now it will not start up at all. Keep praying that it will all be recovered and my life won’t be in despair later… but in the mean time, I’m thinking this is a great idea. 2TB {smaller than the one I’ve got} but it will auto back-up to wherever you tell it to. I’d go with a cloud-based backup so if it does crash, you can recover it all. This one is made for travel though, so you shouldn’t have that problem. My dad gave us all hard drives one year for Christmas, and it’s such a smart gift. No one wants to lose years of photos, right?!


adobe photoshop elements 13 Adobe Photoshop Elements 13

I have talked to so many in the last few months who have said they would like to start designing, or be able to do this or that with photos or printables, or make invites… I tell them Elements is the way to go. It’s not super pricey, and easier to learn than the full photoshop. I have done most of my work in elements and learned all the little tricks by just playing around on it for years. I am thinking of going into Indesign soon as well, but this is a fun starting place for the creative types.

creative cloud photography plan or, if you are talking about a photographer, this is another great idea. Adobe now offers Photshop AND Lightroom for 9.99 a month and updates it for you when updates are available. This means instead of paying hundreds for each product, and then again each time a new version is available, it’s so much cheaper. You can buy a 1-year plan of Creative Cloud {Photoshop/Lightroom} for a year here as a gift and it can be canceled in a month if they choose not to use it.




nerdy periodic tshirt gift idea

NERDY Periodic Table Tshirt

For men or women. This just cracks me up. It shouldn’t, I know, cause it proves I’m a geek. This Etsy shop {and lots like it} have clever shirts for the wordy nerdy sciency types that are just fun, silly things they wouldn’t buy for themselves, but that they’d love. I’d totally wear this shirt. Paired with some kickin skinnies and boots and a jacket, it would be just a cute graphic tee anyway! {With some sass!}

selfie stick and bluetooth remote gift idea


Selfie Stick w/ Bluetooth Remote

Totally bought a few of these this year. I think they are equally hilarious and awesome. Now, the name makes you think I will be sitting in my bathroom after having just curled my hair to perfection and hold this up and look away so it looks like I didn’t just take a selfie. Truth is, I saw a family using this in front of a landmark, and they took a solid shot with everyone in it, and no awkward asking a stranger. Now whenever we go somewhere with a group, like my family, I wish I had one of these. They aren’t super expensive, and fit in a purse, so why not have it on hand!





Heat changing mug

Self explanatory.

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