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naughty and easy homemade caramel

homemade caramel recipe

a few months ago, i was cuh-raving me some candy.
{i was still pregnant then, remember…?}

and after i made homemade twix i had a cousin send me a recipe for this caramel.

it was the ONLY thing the twix were missing.

in her email she called herself a “caramel snob” because she has to use homemade caramel for everything… instead of the kraft kind you have to unwrap…

i have to agree, the homemade stuff is roughly a million.5 times better…
and i was so afraid it would be hard or something…
hint: it’s not. it’s actually embarrassingly easy.

so we dipped apples, and pretzels… then made more candy bars.
{that we’ll post tomorrow…}

this was our stay-in date night on saturday while we had a back to the future marathon.
true love i tell you.

homemade caramel

from my rad cousin deb

1 c butter
1 cup corn syrup
1 can sweetened condensed milk 

mix all these things together
over low heat in a sauce pan type product


1 c white sugar
1 cup brown sugar

cook until soft rolling boil- if you have a cooking thermometer you
want it to be about 240 degrees.  that will make it soft, not pull-your-teeth-out-taffy style. you can also do the cold water test too to make sure it stays in a ball after you put it in ice cold  (but no ice) water and clump it together. you can cook it a little longer if you like your caramel a little stickier.


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