disclaimer: i was not compensated for this post, nor sent free product for this post. i just bought it and tried it, cause you all told me to.

i have to say, we’re 2 for 2 on these citrus lane boxes. i can see myself getting seriously hooked on this one… and i’m wishing i was getting one for boss too, except that so far he has benefited from her box too, so maybe we’re ok for a while…

i literally JUST threw out all boss’s bath toys because they were all leaving tons of mold in the tub, and it took us forever to figure that out for some reason. gross floaties and i was sure they came from him. ew.  so i handed him this duck, that doesn’t have a hole and is a lot firmer, but he liked it pretty quickly, and i’m just happy that it will last!

AND, reese is the gassiest baby of all time and screams bloody murder when she has a bubble in there.  it’s the saddest panic on her face when it happens. the gas drops helped, but i never noticed a huge difference or very immediate… to be honest, i feel like it was sort of psychosomatic. this gripe water calms her right down. who knew.

and the teether is a perfect practice toy for her now that she’s just starting to grab things. i have to put it in her hand, but then she loves the little jingle it makes. and it’s a flower, so it’s just cute in her hand.

the little wooden elephant is cute, but a bit useless unless rattled in her face, since she doesn’t quite have the control in her arms obviously…

but again, for $15, i am very happy with all of these finds! things i really can use!

so far so good, citrus lane, i’m quite impressed!!

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