did i tell you i’m a mormon?
i am. 
as i’m sure facebook and twitter and anything you tried to read this weekend may have told you,
the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints held its semi-annual conference.
we stay at home instead of go to church,
we listen to our leaders,
and we are inspired.
that talk up there from president dieter f. uchtdorf on sunday about rocked my world.
he talked about people who may be at the end of hope,
and how sorrowful we can be about our state in life…
he reminded me how to make life sweeter and joyful and glorious:
be grateful.
“how much of life do we miss by waiting to see the rainbow
before thanking God that there is rain”
there is always something to be grateful.
even when life isn’t perfect.
“we can choose to be grateful no matter what”
another favorite talk had me in tears
from david a. bednar
it’s that very load that often helps get us through.
the story he tells at the beginning of his talk is just awesome.
go watch it if you missed it.
“happiness is not the absence of a load.”
love it.
“we are not and never need be alone. 
we can press forward in our daily lives with heavenly help”
this talk from gary a stevenson just made me smile.
he talked about olympians, and how they work years and years to get to that moment where the ultimately have 4 minutes to prove themselves.
“this life is your 4 minutes!”
this was a scripture that president thomas s. monson quoted in a talk
and it shouted at me.
“he who loveth God loveth his brother also”
1 John 4:21
for those who don’t watch conference,
it’s like a ton of inspiring TED talks.
some of them will have our specific doctrinal beliefs thrown in,
but many of them are just inspiring for anyone who wants to watch or read them.

here are all of the talks from this April 2014 conference
if you would like to be inspired too!

to download ALL of the prints above,
{note: these are for personal use only. 
please do not redistribute, post, or sell for any reason
without persmission.}