mexican pork boleo sandwich jalapeno pretzel bun

i don’t know if you grew up in a house like mine, but i have had a few meals in my lifetime that i can recall with pretty great taste clarity.

i couldn’t for the life of me, remember what this was called, but i asked my mom about it all. the. time. i remember calling her about it in college. i remember asking her the first year we were married. i have literally been craving this meal since i was a teenager and our neighbor — was she mexican? raised by mexicans? i don’t even know — she introduced these to us and we made them quite a few times.

i can’t even write about these without salivating.

so it was on my schedge to make this week, and we were stoked. but cc really had no idea until i handed him one what all the fuss was about. i mean, they look innocent. you would have no idea that they are killer.

and then fleischmann’s contacted me to try out their new pretzel creations and i knew exactly what to do with it! i couldn’t wait because i have seen lots of pretzel naughtiness on pinterest and i have yet to try, but these were so easy because all the guess work is done. mix, salt, soda, yeast. done. and we decided the added pretzel bun MAKES this sandwich.  these are generally served on torta rolls that you can make with frozen rolls and combining 2 to make a bun, and i even made them.  then, just for fun. i made up these rolls and threw in some jalapeno and onion and bam.

suddenly these are a million times better than i remembered them. never going back. the more dense, flavored bun is the way to go.

this sandwich has lots of components, but comes together easy. and goes down easy.
you start with some pork, and end on that naughty sauce and that bun. oh my.

please make this and tell me what you think. it was life changing!

and go try fleischmann’s pretzel creations when you get a chance. and check them out on facebook. {note: i also tried the white bread mix. so num}


oh my gosh. please go make this now and tell me what you think!
disclaimer: this post is brought to you by fleischmann’s