this shoot was good for me for more than one reason.
it’s nice to shoot dear friends because it makes it very easy for everyone to relax, 
be comfortable,
and the photos really reveal so much personality.
alisse really wanted to capture her family right now, before the chaos of a newborn,
and to see her little Lucy girl just as she is now, in her 2.5 years of sweet little girl.
watching the two of them together,
my heart swelled. 
and i will admit,
once i sat down to the computer to see what we had,
i welled up, finally excited to have a girl.

one of my favorite things to do with toddlers is to tell parents 
to bring some of their favorite things.
then we set em up and let em play. 
it helped that it was a bit rainy, so luce had her girly umbrella too.
i about died.

oh how i love this little growing family.
thanks for letting me be a part of it for a day.