join me for the 2nd year of #makeandtakeweek to honor my incredible granny. and the best white bread recipe you’ve ever had!

perfect homemade white bread great dough for lots of things!

you probably were not around last year when i posted my granny’s famous white bread recipe.

it was a hit on pinterest. ladies old and young were emailing me to thank me for sharing the story of my sweet granny, who i miss so much.

#makeandtakeweek bless this mess instagramcousins and aunts and uncles and my food blogger friends joined in on #makeandtakeweek and really brought smiles to lots of faces by baking up some love and taking it to friends or strangers, coworkers, teachers, and friends who needed a lift and a hug. even thinking about it makes me well up with love and think of my granny and how much it would mean to her to know that her legacy is not at all forgotten. be sure to go read the full post and story here.

my granny is one of the most inspirationl women there ever was. and if her name wasn’t norma, i’d probably have a dress or skirt named after her! 😉 i might still, cause who cares what the dress is called, right?






meet norma arnett.

this is my granny. my mother’s mother.

her birthday is this saturday, august 29th, and for the 2nd year, we are hosting #makeandtakeweek – starting this weekend, we will be sharing granny bread. i’ve been making my list of those who i’ve been thinking of, and i’m excited to have my own mom here.

norma arnett


i’m reposting these printables here so you can print either of them to include with the bread you take around. of course you can use what you want, but do send me an email or tag it, or if you are giving anonymously, send me a private message on instagram, facebook… let me know that you are in on the fun. and arnetts, i expect to see lots from you! last year we had quite a few and i would love to see how many we can get involved. whether you decide to share or keep it secret, let us know!

at her funeral, the owner of the bread store {that now uses her bread recipe} made hundreds of mini bread loaves to give away to those who came, attached was this poem:

no half loaf poem printable

want to print this? download here

so this week i’ll be inviting family and friends to pass it on. to #makeandtake and #sharegoodness this week, in honor of granny. go pin and save the recipe and follow on pinterest if you loved this post!