I’m getting back to my favorite part of having a blog, aside from posting all of my projects and recipes, I love to write about my family and the fun things we do with them.

My niece Lucy is one of the reasons we moved here too, to be near these cousins and so my kids could have the memories with them as their friends while they are little. She’s one of the sweetest little baby girls there is and is ALWAYS smiling and giggling and just so fun to be around. Of course her birthday was a different story…

I feel like if someone was looking for some awesome first birthday party ideas, this glittery glam party would be perfect. It was so cute. They joked that it was like a little “baby reception” and first birthday parties sort of are. Especially for your first kid. There is something special about that one that has to be fun and put together. Need apologize for going big on a party!

Note: Anything cute that happened in these photos was all done by my SIL Jayme, who is so talented and creative. I just took the pictures.

Lucy Birthday 1 Lucy Birthday 3

like this entire outfit, Jayme made it….

Lucy Birthday 6

And this cake, which was just amazing…

Lucy Birthday 10 Lucy Birthday 11 Lucy Birthday 12Lucy Birthday 28 Lucy Birthday 13 Lucy Birthday 17 Lucy Birthday 21 Lucy Birthday 25

and Reese was ticked that it wasn’t HER party… classic #girlproblems, right?
Lucy Birthday 32 Lucy Birthday 44 Lucy Birthday 47 Lucy Birthday 49

Happy Birthday today sweet Lucy Loo!

We love you and I’m so happy to be your aunt!

I can’t wait to see the sweet and talented girl you will be as you get big and do all the things!