arriving in our new place last weekend,

we had no boxes, no furniture.


so we went out to dinner and a movie.
dinner was not amazing,
but we are finding that most things in our immediate town are not…
have to drive a bit to get the good stuff.

the movie?

this one:

despicable me

the characters are fun and the dialogue is witty…
the girls are adorable.

the minions are hysterical. you want one.
and if you go you have to download the app they tell you to translate them at the end.
so funny.

the 3D is fun in this one too- they ride a roller coaster,
and the minions come out at you…
pretty cool.

and honestly, i forgot it was steve the whole time! The cast does a great job at creating new voices and characters… cept for that kid from 30 rock- he’s pretty blatant…

good flick. great story.
completely entertained for an evening

in our charming little small-town movie theatre.
(it has stairs and it’s never busy, just minus the stadium seating…)

i would give it a 4/5
rent or own? probably own.